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slow, fair and eco-friendly fashion. Made with love for you.


To all the beautiful and strong women out there. My name is Cornelia, my best friend calls me Consch. I believe in the power of kindness, positivity, and inclusion.

When it comes to fashion, the struggle is real. The fast fashion industry is one of the most polluting and exploitative industries in the world. I was looking for options that are environmentally friendly and fair, but also fashionable. However after doing lots of research, I realized that there are still not many brands that fulfill my wish. That’s when the idea of CONSCHES, my own eco-friendly fashion brand, was born.

The mission and the vision of CONSCHES is to make fair, high quality and eco-conscious fashion, which empowers the women who wear it and the people who produce CONSCHES products. I believe when women support each other anything is possible. Now it is on you — make it count and make it personal.

X Cornelia


- Anne Klein



CONSCHES is a fashionable, but conscious and eco-friendly fashion brand from Austria. We have only just started and are constantly improving. The goal is to create environmentally friendly fashion and add a personal touch without compromising on designs and looks. We stay true to our mission in every step of the process – from the sourcing of our product, to a plastic free delivery for our lovely customers.

Most of our pieces are produced in Austria under strong fair and environmental regulations and requirements, with our fabrics and materials carefully sourced throughout Europe. We also offer pieces from other manufacturers within the EU, which need to meet all necessary ecological standards (all details can be found in the material and production info of each product). For example part of our Wool collection is produced in a small, family owned manufactory in Veneto, Italy. We maintain close relationships with our suppliers, regularly visit our production facilities, and follow every step of the production process. This enables us to supply you with great and high-quality products.


The term sustainability in relation to fashion is difficult to define and the question is whether fashion can really ever be 100% sustainable. Consches’s main goal is to produce as locally as possible (our collection is mainly produced in Austria) in small quantities, leading to reduced CO2 emissions and convincing with high quality materials. The products and fabrics we buy need to meet all necessary ecological standards. We work with sustainable fabrics, but we also work with remnant & circular fabrics (“deadstock”), which would otherwise go to landfill. You will find more information regarding production and materials in the product specifications of each item.

CONSCHES is made to last and convincing with high quality fabrics. In our opinion, one of the most sustainable things is something you wear as much and as long as possible, the one thing which always makes you sparkle — the dress that makes you feel strong and beautiful and you will maybe someday pass on to your daughter.

We hope you find this in your CONSCHES design.


We only produce a small amount of each fabric, we don’t overproduce, we are still a start-up, no big warehouses or stock. If you fall in love with a piece be fast.


CONSCHES is 100% honest and transparent about our products, fabrics and production. As we don’t have our own fabrics and textile production we cooperate with different suppliers. For accurate information please check the information of each item. 

If you have any questions or lacking any information, please reach out to


The personal approach is very important to CONSCHES. We believe that only the woman wearing the garment brings life to it. Make it yours, make it personal.


CONSCHES is inspired by so many great women; therefore, the female factor is the key. We believe in girl power and we want to support and empower women all over the world.

We believe that if women support each other, incredible things can happen.


We don’t use any animal products like leather. We are animal lovers and won’t harm or exploit any living creatures on this planet.


We want to create things you can wear 365 days a year; from the office, to dinner and parties — suitable for every occasion.

CONSCHES does not follow the usual seasonal sales pattern of the fashion industry. We will produce the same articles of clothing in different fabrics — warmer for winter, lighter for summer. There will be only limited stock of each item, so be quick to buy your favorite piece. 

not perfect

CONSCHES is only at the beginning of a journey. We work, source, and purchase to the best of our knowledge and belief and are always working to improve.

We know that we are not there yet, but our mission is to be a 100% eco-friendly fashion label.

socially responsible

At CONSCHES, we take our social responsibility seriously. We proudly support organizations like Caritas, Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser, and die Nachbarinnen through both financial donations and collaborative projects. We believe in giving back to our community and working together to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.


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