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Sustainable Elegance: Introducing Our New Bags and Belts

Sustainable Elegance: Introducing Our New Bags and Belts

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce the latest stars in our lineup – the stunning LUNA Bag and the ZOLA Waist Belt. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look, where we shed light on the production process and share the passion we've poured into them.

"I've been looking for the perfect bucket bag made from sustainable materials for ages - now, after months of research and work, I've given myself the greatest Christmas present with LUNA!"
- Cornelia, founder of CONSCHES

The Quest for the Perfect Bucket Bag

Cornelia Lindner, the heart and soul behind CONSCHES, embarking on a mission to find the dreamiest sustainable bucket bag. It's been a journey fueled by a deep commitment to shaking up the fashion scene with eco-friendly vibes. From the beginnings of CONSCHES, Cornelia has dreamed of creating the perfect bucket bag.


The challenge? Finding vegan leather that not only screams style but also aligns with our values. After over a year of deep dives into sustainable options and teaming up with some fantastic suppliers, we're beyond excited to introduce the LUNA Bag – a blend of nature's finest, killer craftsmanship, and timeless design.

Viridis®: The Green Revolution

The LUNA Bag and ZOLA belt are crafted from the innovative vegan leather Viridis®, containing up to 69 percent plant-based materials. In contrast to conventional (faux) leather made from petroleum, Viridis uses by-products from corn and wheat. This sustainable alternative has received several certifications and represents a significant step towards environmentally friendly materials.

LUNA's Many Shades of Style

The Bucket Bag is not just a fashion accessory but a statement for sustainability. Available in three colors – Cognac, Navy, and Black – the LUNA Bag complements every favorite outfit. Its meticulous craftsmanship and material durability make it an investment for a lifetime.


ZOLA Belt: Crafted with Care

Now, let's talk belts – the ZOLA Waist Belt, to be exact. It's all about high-quality craftsmanship and rocking that sustainable Viridis® Vegan Leather. The simple metal buckle, with our golden CONSCHES logo, is the cherry on top. Available in Cognac, Navy, and Black, and in two sizes, the ZOLA Belt is your go-to accessory, no matter the occasion.


Behind-the-Scenes Moments: Capturing the Craft


The LUNA Bag and ZOLA Waist Belt are officially ready to rock your world - SHOP NOW


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