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Meet the CONSCHES team -  Zoe

Meet the CONSCHES team - Zoe

Meet Zoe from the CONSCHES team 


Who are you, what do you do and how long have you been a part of the CONSCHES team?
My name is Zoe, I’ve been a part of the CONSCHES team since June 2022 and I mainly work at the CONSCHES headquarters. My main focus is on customer happiness as well as getting all the orders to you. I also manage the newsletters and some of the design work. 

Complete the sentence:
I feel most happy when… I have no plans and can follow my heart for a day. Whether that be laying in bed, going for a hike or meeting up with friends for a drink.
I never leave the house without…poop bags for my dog.

What’s your favorite CONSCHES piece and what does it mean to you?
So far my favorite CONSCHES piece is the COCO terracotta dress, and it means a lot to me because it was my first dress from CONSCHES that Cornelia gifted to me this last Christmas. I love it and feel so special wearing it!

What’s your favorite part about working for CONSCHES?
Since we’re still a rather small team, we get to look into so many different aspects of what it means to run a label and it never gets boring or mundane. I personally don’t do great focusing on just one thing for too long, so being able to switch it up by having different tasks that vary from each other is a huge plus for me in working for CONSCHES and makes work a lot of fun. Having a great team of wonderful women ist the cherry on top.

Your favorite restaurant/café in or around Vienna?

My go to café is „Liebling“ because its laid-back and you get a great cappucino there. I've also been trying out lots of different Ramen places lately and Mari's Metcha Matcha is on top of my current list.


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