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Love & Passion - A visit to our production in Styria/Austria

Love & Passion - A visit to our production in Styria/Austria

We believe that fashion can be both beautiful and eco-friendly. Our commitment to responsible practices is evident in every aspect of our production, from the sourcing of materials to the final stitching of our garments. That's why we were thrilled to visit our production in Styria, Austria, at the end of January, to witness once again the love and passion that goes into each and every piece we create.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the warm and welcoming team who showed us around. We saw the CONSCHES fabrics being carefully selected and cut, the sewing machines whirring away as skilled hands crafted each piece of clothing.

The attention to detail and commitment to excellence was evident throughout the production process.  Our production is ensuring that every stitch is perfectly placed, and every detail is just right.

As we left the production facility, we felt a sense of pride and gratitude. It was an honor to witness the hard work and dedication of the production team, and to see firsthand how our commitment has resulted in a line of clothing that is both beautiful and environmentally conscious made in Austria. We are proud to work with such talented and passionate people and are excited to see what we will create next.


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