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Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

The Fashion Revolution exists because the fashion industry has long been associated with exploitative labor practices, environmental damage, and a culture of fast fashion that prioritizes profit over people and the planet. The Fashion Revolution is a global movement that aims to change the way the fashion industry operates and to make it more sustainable, ethical, and transparent.

The Fashion Revolution was born out of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013, which claimed the lives of over 1,000 people, mostly garment workers. This event served as a wake-up call for the fashion industry and the world to acknowledge the true cost of fast fashion and the urgent need for change.

The Fashion Revolution encourages consumers to ask "Who Made My Clothes?" and to demand transparency from fashion brands and retailers about their supply chains and production methods. It also promotes sustainable and ethical fashion practices, such as using eco-friendly materials, paying fair wages to workers, and providing safe working conditions.

By raising awareness and promoting change, the Fashion Revolution hopes to create a fashion industry that values people, the planet, and transparency. The Fashion Revolution reminds us that fashion should be more than just clothes - it should be a force for good.

We believe that the fashion industry has a responsibility to create positive change, and we are committed to being part of that change. We work with local artisans and manufacturers who share our values of fair labor practices and eco-friendly production methods. We prioritize using materials that are sustainable, such as organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and natural dyes.

We also design our pieces to be timeless and durable, rather than disposable.By producing locally and fairly with eco-friendly materials, we hope to encourage others in the fashion industry to join us in creating a more sustainable future. The Fashion Revolution Week is an opportunity for us to reflect on our progress and continue to push for change. We believe that fashion has the power to do good, and we are committed to being part of that positive change.

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